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Self Portrait in Color Pencils - Trent P. McDonald

Self Portrait in Color Pencils – Trent P. McDonald

Now that you’ve landed in Trent’s World you may wonder what it’s all about.  Play the music below and I’ll explain:

I use this as my ring tone.  It’s not the greatest piece I’ve written.  Some of the music I’ve created is technically much better and some is much more original.  I’ve delved deeper into meaning.  I’ve written much more refined music, yet I’ve written music that is purposefully rough around the edges and ready for a rumble.

So why this particular piece?

This little ditty, the Scherzo to my Piano Sonata in C# minor, perhaps best tells the story of my art.  It’s intricate yet doesn’t take itself too seriously; dark yet not scary;  beyond the every day (I hope) yet not pretentious.  I think it’s fun!

As you explore Trent’s World I think you’ll find a lot of it echoes this little ditty.  It is often fun but sometimes with a dark edge.  It focuses on things that are sometimes a little off-kilter.  It tries to be a bit creative and perhaps unexpected.

Just like my art.  Like my music, my drawing and my writing.

In other words:
Welcome to Trent’s World!

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