About Trent

Now who is this Trent P. McDonald guy?Trent

If “Computer Nerd” is a real occupation then we must consider Trent’s “day job” as just that.  His official title is currently “Systems Administrator” but he has worked in various aspects of computer science and IT over the years, including programing, web page design, support, mail administrator, networking, etc., etc.

When he’s not plugging away at computers Trent spends his time enjoying and participating in the arts.  Music is in many ways the love of Trent’s life.  He plays the trumpet and keyboards, composing much of his own music.  The visual arts are also import to him.  He draws, paints and is an avid photographer.  Music might be the love of Trent’s life but writing has been the core: living = thinking = writing.  Trent has spent a good deal of time and energy getting his words down on paper, or the electrons on the screen.

Originally from Ohio Trent lives in New Hampshire, although Massachusetts has become something of a second home.  To be more specific, a small house near the shore of Swan Pond in Dennisport, MA.  He enjoys many outdoor activities, particularly kayaking, hiking, bicycling and skiing.

Always remember that Trent, who likes to refer to himself in the third person when writing bio-sketches, often pretends to have a sense of humor…

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