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Welcome to Trent’s World!  This is a place where I share my creative side.  Although Trent’s World can seem to be a disorganized mess, this web site is a slightly more organized corner of that chaos.

Currently this site is still in the early stages.  However, Trent’s World, The Blog has been going strong for over a year and has over 350 posts.  Please pop in for a visit!

To Learn more about me you can visit my “About Page” or it’s more creative twin.  You can also learn about my music or the Hamlet Symphony.

The Hamlet Symphony is now available from Amazon and iTunes!  You can also find it on CD Baby!

(In the last few days there have been quite a few searches looking at this site for a research paper I wrote about Edgar Allen Poe over 15 years ago.  It was on a previous version of this site that I removed a few years ago.  I’ll put a link to that article, but remember it is an old article – Edgar Allen Poe’s fight with Alcohol )